1.1 This is the Privacy Policy of Venuse. Venuse (“Venuse”, “we”, “us”) is an online platform which owns and operates the website https://venuse.co.uk/ (the “Site”). It allows users (the “Customers”, “Venusers”) to meet and work with other like-minded people in alternative workplaces (the “Space”) provided by bars, cafes, hotels, restaurants and shops (the “Business”), and offered by a direct contact from the Business (the “Provider”) (collectively the "Service"). 

1.2. We reserve the right to change the Terms and Services from time to time in our sole discretion.   

1.3 Please read these Terms carefully. By using the Site you confirm you agree and accept both our Terms and our Privacy Policy, which is also available on the Site. 



2.1 The Site content is fully protected by intellectual property rights. All material in display is either owned and controlled by Venuse and/or by our third party content provider. If applicable, third party links found on our Site are entirely informative.  

2.2 By using Venuse Platform, we are under no obligation of providing Customers with technical support of any kind.  



3.1 As part of Venuse Launching Campaign, our Service will be free of charge for the time being. Once Venuse Launching Campaign comes to an end, these Terms will be updated.   

3.2 Customers will be able to book Space through our Site inside their Business of preference. Advertised products may be purchased directly at this Business. 

3.3 If a Customer wishes to modify or cancel an existing booking, they must immediately notify Venuse by email at: info@venuse.co.uk 

3.4 Promotions and/or Promo Codes shall be redeemed at participating Businesses only, and may only be effective when showing a valid Booking Confirmation email sent by Venuse.  



4.1 The Customer is constituted by one person only. If a Customer requires to book Space, they must register through our Site first.    

4.2 Customers carrying out a booking through our Site, are entering into a contract directly with the Business, on the basis of these and their own Terms and Conditions.  

4.3 Venuse is not responsible for any damages, expense costs or liabilities caused by the Customer to the Provider or vice versa.  

4.4 Venuse may suspend and/or terminate any Service if the Customer have breached any of these Terms. This may result in a temporary or permanent cancellation of the Customer’s right to use our Platform, possibly without any prior notice.  

4.5 Customers shall be respectful with other Venusers and clients and discrete when interfering with other Customers’ or clients’ job-related activities.  

4.6 You can terminate using Venuse at any time, without any further implication regarding your history as a Customer.  



5.1 We disclaim all conditions, warranties and terms with respect to the Site, as well as of all content or services available through it. 

5.2 Nothing in these Terms excludes or limits our liability for fraud or misrepresentation, or any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by the laws of England and Wales.  



6.1 As a Customer, you must be 16 or over to access and register on the Site.  

6.2 As part of the registration process, you will be asked to provide personal information, which must be true and accurate. Failure to do so, may result in a temporary or permanent cancellation of the Customer’s right to use our Platform. 



7.1 As a Provider, if you wish to partner with us, you accept these Terms which will be valid throughout an Initial Trial Period, and agree to offer your Business for the total duration of Venuse Launching Campaign.   

7.2 The Provider is responsible for providing an accurate description of the Business they represent, including, but not limited to hours of operation, location, capacity, as well as price and/or promotions of products being advertised through the Venuse Platform.   



8.1 If you wish to provide feedback related to our or any Business’s products and/or services please reach us at: info@venuse.co.uk 


Last update: 26th/Feb/2019